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We're hiring DJs for 



DRIFT Beach Club


We aim to have some of the best DJ and live musician clubs on Second Life and we need good staff to help us build that.  Our clubs are categorised as Adult so you must be SL age and payment verified.


SO what are we looking for in a DJ?


1] Previous experience as a DJ in real life or on Second Life, in clubs or on radio OR a gifted beginner looking for the chance to grow your skills.

We are looking for friendly, outgoing people who are professional, reliable and have a good understanding of English.


DJs with club or radio experience either in real life or on Second life; can cover classic, heavy metal, alternative, prog rock, blues rock but NOT country.

DRIFT Beach Club:

DJs with club or radio experience in real life or on Second life in any of the following genres:

Electronica:  Chillout and ambient ::  Trance [melodic/vocal] :: EDM

Mixed genre/eclectic/pop


Ideally you will have your own host, if you need or want one, because slots may be any time of the day to suit a global audience, so they will need to be in your time zone.


2] Your own quality stream


3] Good quality avatar appearance


4] You can live mix or do request based sets.  But, if you do voice you must have a decent quality microphone and clear voice; English only.


Slots will be 2 hours in length at a variety of times to fit around live musicians, so may have to be flexible.

5] Regular slots/residencies





Fill in the contact form below, and if you have the right experience you will be invited to perform a 

30 minute interview set.  If successful you will join the club rota.

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